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​We will release badminton rackets from our original brand (KIZUNA)


The original brand (KIZUNA) will release two types of badminton rackets this spring.


Find out more about rackets here

We has been certified as a 2024 Health and Productivity Management Organization


Our company has been certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024 (Small and Medium Enterprise Category) in recognition of our outstanding efforts to think about employee health management from a management perspective and implement it strategically.

We will continue our efforts to become a company where employees can continue to work in good health.


We held a badminton practice event for club activities of a special needs school


A practice event was held for the badminton club of Aoba High School, a special needs school in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, and 19 students participated.
LA Meister staff and students from the Sakushin Gakuin University Badminton Club were in charge of coaching, and they practiced basic hitting, doubles practice, and played matches.
In a different atmosphere from our usual club activities, we enjoyed the rally while talking to the coaching staff.

Request for KIZUNA String Quality Assurance

Thank you very much for your continued use of KIZUNA STRING. It has been 10years since we started selling KIZUNA STRING. Thanks to the cooperation of our distributors in various countries, we are expanding our sales.

On the other hand, there are KIZUNA STRING users who purchase our products beyond their country. Product imported without through an authorized distributor may not be placed in an appropriate storage environment and may have deteriorated. Authorized distributors who handle our products understand the characteristics of KIZUNA STRING and maintain them in appropriate storage environment.

When purchasing KIZUNA STRING, we ask that you purchase products imported through an authorized distributor.


We have made a declaration of SDGs

In order to achieve the SDGs, we will promote initiatives to create a virtuous cycle both inside and outside the company, and hereby declare our continuous efforts and improvements.


​We held a badminton experience event for people with disabilities

With the aim of enjoying exercise through the badmint experience, we held a badminton experience event for people with disabilities.

On the day of the event, 9 students from a nearby special needs school and 4 students from an employment support office that cooperates in the manufacture of our products participated. In addition, four students from the badminton club of Sakushin Gakuin University, a strong badminton school in Tochigi Prefecture, participated in the training as support for the instruction. After an explanation of how to hit, knock and doubles experiences, the participants enjoyed badminton with lively smiles.

The state of the event on the day was covered by Tochigi TV.

​October 21, 2023 from Tochigi TV News


​We participated in the Tochigi Health Management Declaration

Aiming to be a company where employees can continue to work in good physical and mental health, we participated in the "Tochigi Health Management Declaration" implemented by the Tochigi Branch of the Japan Health Insurance Association.



​The 1st Chairman's Cup ≪KIZUNA Cup≫ was held in Tochigi Prefecture


A badminton tournament was held for elementary school students in Tochigi Prefecture.

About 200 athletes participated on the day.

We donated the championship cup and KIZUNA strings.

Notice of Head Office Relocation


We would like to inform you that our office will move to the following location as of July 13.

New address:  290-1, Shiba, Shimotsuke-shi, Tochigi, 329-0412, Japan



Notice of Change of Officers


We announced the following executive changes to improve corporate value.

A certificate of appreciation was presented by the High School Table Tennis Club


WE received a letter of appreciation by providing floor mats to the 90th National High School Table Tennis Championships held in 2021.




​    お待ちしております。


Media Coverage

26th May 2022

We are pleased to inform you that LA Meister was introduced as one of the most brilliant companies in Tochigi by Ryomo Printing Co., LTD. It would be appreciated if you could click the below link and know us better.

   Web site*:LAマイスター株式会社 | COURSE 栃木県エリア (

   *written in only Japanese.

Notice of our Reorganization

1st January 2022

We are happy to announce that LA Meister merged our affiliate "Kizuna Japan" on 1st January 2022 for further growth of Kizuna label. Kizuna products will keep sold under the same channel as before.

Thakn you for your continued patronage.

Notice of Closing dates

28th December 2021

Our company will be in winter recess between 29th Dec. and 3rd Jan.

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